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International Property Marketing

The VIP International Property Marketing service was purposely designed based on our extensive experience and first hand feedback in acting for some of the world’s wealthiest property buyers since 2002. This has taught us that poorly marketed properties rarely achieve much interest and almost never achieve a premium price.

This service ensures your property is professionally presented to some of the world’s most sophisticated & most wealthy property buyers, helping you sell to these high net worth buyers........and often at a premium price.
We exclusively focus on marketing the very finest residential real estate exclusively to the most likely prospect prime property buyers being Ultra High Net Worth International property buyers, with each proactive marketing campaign being individually tailored for each property selling client's property - quite simply to ensure the very best chance of selling the property at the best possible price and with a minimum of intrusion.

A typical VIP International Property Marketing campaign will include the following elements:-

- World Class Showcasing of your property to High Net Worth Local, London, National and International Property Buyers
  (Click here to view examples of our world class property showcasing)


- Your Property Featured in our VIP Property Bulletin which is sent to the World's Most Expensive Properties Currently For Sale
   (This insert gets posted to the most expensive properties currently on the market for sale in London/UK country estates, USA & Africa - i.e.
    many of these sellers are all likely to be prime property buyers in the near future when they have sold.
    Typically we target the following properties (currently on the market for sale):-
        - London/UK Country Estates (sent to properties listed for sale from £5m - £100million +)
        - USA (sent to properties listed for sale from $20m - $200million +)
        - Cape Town & Johannesburg (sent to properties listed for sale from ZAR 50million +)

- Pre-Qualification of Buyers to ensure that only bona fide buyers with the finance to purchase at your asking price get to view


- Personally managed by one of our Partners / Business Owners 


- Access to our VIP International Prime Property Buyer Database 

  (Built up since 2002 and which has a heavy bias towards Ultra High Net Worth clients who have approached us or engaged us over the years
   since 2002 to purchase a prime property in London or the UK Country Houses & Estate market which requires a multi-million pound budget)


- An opportunity to sell to one of our Property Buying Agency’s buying clients and pay no commission! 

   (if you sell to one of our retained VIP Property Buying Clients we won’t charge you any agency sales commission)


- Proactive Marketing to Ultra High Net Worth Buying Prospects For Your Property
  (Click here to find out more about this unique service)

- Marketing on the prime International property portals which are most well-known to these Prime Property Buyers

  (This will include valuable marketing exposure on the leading Global Prime Property including:-


       Within the UK:    The Primelocation portal

                Globally:     Primelocation International & Rightmove Overseas portals 


   Collectively the above named portals receive over 350million unique visitors per annum from over 80 countries including the UK, Europe,
   Middle East, China/Asia, USA, Africa, etc., all giving valuable marketing exposure for your property.


- Over 20 years expertise in marketing to Ultra High Net Worth International VIP clients



If you are interested to have your prime property proactively presented to some of the world's weathiest prime property buyers, then the
VIP International Property Marketing service is the service for you.

Not convinced? - click here to view some of our previous sales & acquisitions


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