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Whether you are trying to sell or acquire a prime residential international property, VIP International Homes can act for you to ensure you achieve the very best terms.

For Property Buyers
So you have found the perfect house? That’s the easy bit. In our mind, the real work starts now.

What’s it really worth?  What’s the vendor’s position?

How much are you going to spend on it – what’s it going to be worth then?

What you need is a professional property negotiator on your side – remember that the estate agent represents the vendor and that they are being paid by the vendor.  The agent’s duty is to extract the best possible price – and the best terms – to suit their client, not you.

For over 20 years, we have successfully represented buyers of prime international property, to help ensure they acquire the very best properties on the best terms for them the buyer.

It is true that the best and most well informed negotiators secure the best deals.

Our negotiation service includes overseeing the transaction, the survey and conveyancing process to investigate every aspect of the property you are buying.

When buying a property, you HAVE got to get it right.

For Property Sellers

So you have found the perfect buyer? Perhaps you were approached directly or via a 3rd party.

We are well experienced in acting for and dealing with prime property buyers.

We know many of them and we know many of their angles & tactics in price negotiations.

We also know how long these negotiations can last and how emotionally charged the process can be.


As experienced and professional property negotiatiors we are used to negotiating strongly on behalf of our clients to meet and exceed their expectations. We put you and your requirements at the centre of everything we do for you by acting for only a limited number of non-conflicting clients at any one time.

We are completely open and honest with our clients, so you receive realistic and unbiased opinions and recommendations during any property negotiation, whether you are renting or buying a property.

By instructing us you get the benefit of all our experience which we will deploy to negotiate strongly to achieve the very best terrms for your planned sale whilst relieving you of much of the stress & anxiety. 


If you are looking for expert negotiation assistance to sell or acquire a prime International property please contact us to find out how we can assist.



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Country Office: +44 (0)1425 462 549
London Office: +44 (0)203 598 6409


International Office: +44(0)203 598 6409


Cape Town Office: +27 (0)21 300 8429


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