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The latest list of Forbes Billionaires

Here is Forbes’ latest list of the top 10 richest people in the world:
1. Bill Gates - Microsoft founder - $86 billion
2. Warren Buffett - Owner of Berkshire Hathaway - $75.6 billion
3. Jeff Bezos - Amazon founder - $72.8 billion
4. Amancio Ortega - Zara founder - $71.3 billion
5. Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook founder - $56 billion
6. Carlos Slim Helu - Telecoms tycoon - $54.5 billion
7. Larry Ellison - Oracle founder - $52.2 billion
8. Charles Koch - Various business - $48.3 billion
9. David Koch - Various business - $48.3 billion
10. Michael Bloomberg - Bloomberg founder - $47.5 billion

There are 25 new billionaires from the United States and a grand total of 195 new billionaires from all over the world added to the list this year. 

Read the full list here -
Top 5 Most Expensive UK Streets

Once again the top 5 most expensive streets to buy residential property in the UK are all in London....

1. Kensington Palace Gardens, W8
Approximate Average property value: £43million

2. The Boltons, SW10
Approximate Average property value: £27million

3. Grosvenor Crescent, SW1X & Wilton Cresent, SW1X
Approximate Average property value: £24million


4. Courtenay Avenue, N6
Approximate Average property value: £18million

5. The Bishops Avenue, N2
Approximate Average property value: £17million
(Note: some of The Bishops Avenue's 80 properties are worth in excess of £100million!)

Africans to surge up the ranks of ultra-high-net-worth individuals over the next decade

The number of UHNWIs - those with at least US $ 30million in assets - in Africa is expected to increase by a staggering 59% over the next 10 years, stronger than the 34% projected global growth.

We are likely to see the biggest density of UHNWIs in key African countries including Nigeria, South Africa and Ivory Coast which boast some of the fastest global growth rates for UHNWIs.

Global prime property acquisitions remain an aspirational target for many African UHNWIs meaning that prime UK and USA will increasingly see interest from African buyers who have the financial means to acquire and hold multi-million pound/dollar properties. In Africa's most expensive real estate destination - Cape Town, South Africa - this is already evident with many African UHNWIs buying the very best properties which has seen the Uber prime market motor forward.

What is quite clear is that there is significant buying power for prime global properties coming out of Africa and that Africa's prime real estate destination, Cape Town, remains an aspirational purchase location for many of the world's UHNWIs from UK, Europe, USA. Middle East, Asia and throughout Africa.

Top 5 Most Expensive Streets in The Hamptons, USA

The Hampton's Meadow Lane in the neighbourhood of Southampton is famous for attracting high-profile residents, mostly Wall Street financiers but celebrities as well, all looking for a posh place to cool off during the summer which perhaps explains why it is the most expensive street in The Hamptons.

1. Meadow Lane (in the Southampton neighbourhood of The Hamptons)

Approximate Average property value: $18million

2. Ocean Road (in the Bridgehampton neighbourhood of The Hamptons)

Approximate Average property value: $8.8million

3. Parsonage Lane (in the Sagaponack neighbourhood of The Hamptons)

Approximate Average property value: $8million

4. Daniels Lane (in the Sagaponack neighbourhood of The Hamptons)

Approximate Average property value: $6.8million

5. Five Rod Hwy (in the Wainscott neighbourhood of The Hamptons)

Approximate Average property value: $6.5million

London Top Target for Global Investors, Secondary Markets Gain Popularity

According to CBRE's Global Investor Intentions Survey 2015, global real estate investors remain confident and their intentions are expansionary, with more than half planning to increase their acquisitions in 2015

London retained its position as the top city for investment, while other gateway cities such as Tokyo, Sydney, New York and Paris remained in the top ten. Second-tier cities saw an increase in investor interest in 2015, with Madrid, Dallas and Seattle all making the top ten.

This reflects investors' search for more attractive yields, as well as greater knowledge and comfort with a larger number of global cities.

There is also a marked increase in appetite among investors from Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and North America for value-add and opportunistic investments.

In contrast, Asia Pacific saw a significant jump in investors preferring prime core assets at 43 percent in 2015, compared to 29 percent last year. 

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