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Proactive Marketing to Ultra High Net Worth Property Buyers

Our database contains the registered home addresses of over 55,000 British, American, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Russian, European & African Billionaires & multi-Millionaires including:-

- Forbes/Bloomberg listed Billionaires (including Buffet, Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, etc.)
- A-list Celebrities (Hollywood & international Pop & Rap stars)
- A-list Sport Stars (NBA, NFL, English Premier League, La Liga, etc. - all international stars)
- International listed company owners
- Self made Billionaire & multi-Millionaire entrepreneurs
- Royalty & Dignitaries

The typical profile of those on our database is as follows:-

- US $ (or equivalent) Billionaires or multi-Millionaires
- Chinese, Russian, American, Middle Eastern, Indian, UK, European & African Nationals
- Average Net Worth in US $:
     > Billionaires : US $1.8 Billion
     > Multi-Millionaires: US $ 45 million

Our database is searchable by location & asset values as follows:-

- prime USA properties valued from $10m to $250m+
- in the USA's top locations including New York, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Aspen, etc.

- prime UK properties valued from £5m to £150m+
- in the UK’s top locations including:-
     > London's top locations including Kensington, Chelsea, The Bishops Avenue, etc.
     > the UK's top Country Estates including England's prime Southern Home Counties, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, The New Forest, Sandbanks
     > The Channel Islands top locations
     > Registered addresses of English Premier League footballers, Club Managers, Club Directors & Club Owners including:-
         >> those living in prime Cheshire locations – Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool,Everton, etc.
         >> those living in prime Home Counties locations including St Georges Hill & Wentworth Estates – Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, etc.

- prime European properties valued from €5m to €250m+
- in Europe’s top locations including:-
     > France’s top locations including Paris, South of France, Monaco, etc.
     > Spain’s top locations including Madrid, Marbella & the Balearic Islands.
     > Italy’s top locations including Rome, Venice, etc.
     > the top locations in Switzerland, Germany, Holland & Belgium. 

- prime South African and other African properties valued from $2m to $130m +
- in South Africa's top locations including:-
     > Cape Town’s top locations including Clifton, Bantry Bay, Fresnaye, Camps Bay, Bishopscourt, Upper Constantia & The Waterfront
     > Johannesburg’s top locations including Sandton, Atholl, Bryanston, Hurlingham, Hyde Park, Dunkeld, Houghton Estate, Melrose & Westcliff
     > South Africa’s other top locations including Waterkloof, Umhlanga, La Lucia, Mount Edgecombe, Zimbali, etc.
- In Africa's other top locations including the leading African private Wine Estates and Luxury Game Reserves. 

Our Proactive marketing service therefore enables us to proactively present a bespoke marketing piece of each selling client's prime property to many of the world's wealthiest property buyers which helps to ensure that the most likely buying prospects are alerted to the opportunity to view/buy the prime property we are marketing for sale.

At the very top end of the market there is only a relatively small pool of prospective buyers with the funds and motivation to buy the very finest International properties - our Proactive Marketing service is specifically designed for this purpose so that we directly reach as many of these Ultra High Net Worth prospect buyers as possible. 

It is because we are a small and exclusively top end of the market focussed real estate company that enables us to offer this VIP Proactive Marketing service which our larger and generalist real estate competitors cannot offer due to their having individual office 'territories' which other offices are not allowed to market. VIP International Homes does not suffer from any such territory restrictions; rather we offer the very best proactive marketing service for each client's property which reaches whichever territories are best suited to help get each client's property sold. 

Typically, selling clients can personalise their proactive marketing campaigns as follows:-

STEP 1: Decide where the most likely buyers for your property currently live

We will discuss and agree with each selling client the profile of the most likely buyers for their prime property. As part of that review process, we will then determine where the most likely buyers currently live or where they own property or regularly visit.

For example, it is quite usual for prime UK Country House or London property sellers to consider that the most likely buyers for their properties are ultra-high net worth British, Middle Eastern, Chinese, European, American, African and other wealthy international property buyers.

We are able to proactively target this pool of buyers by mailing a bespoke marketing piece to the owners/occupants of London properties valued at £5m+ or  £10m+  - whose owners/occupants are typically ultra-high net worth British (50%) and International (50%).

Each marketing piece is purposely designed as a leave piece for the wealthy owners/occupants and their friends/visitors/contacts to view at their leisure.... offering highly valuable marketing exposure of each selling client's property to these ultra-high net worth prospect buyers.

Please note we can target most high valued areas which are likely to be owned by Ultra High Net Worth prospect buyers including :-
- properties in London/the Home Counties valued from £5m +
- properties in the USA from $15million +
- properties in Cape Town and Johannesburg from ZAR 10million + 
- etc.

In addition, we can also target all high valued properties currently on the market for sale in London/UK Home Counties, USA, Cape Town, etc., which ensures we are also proactively reaching ultra-High Net Worth prospect buyers (now or after they have sold their prime properties) who are currently trying to sell their prime property and who are therefore likely to be motivated prime property buyers in the very near future.


STEP 2: Decide the quality/cost mix of the marketing piece to be presented

Selling clients are generally required to pay for the cost of their proactive marketing campaign, however this may be negotiated so that the cost can be included into the terms of our sales mandate agreement which we may agree to in situations such as being instructed on a sole agency basis and/or factored in through a higher rate of sales commission.

Each campaign is personalised to ensure that only the most likely buyers for their property are targeted and we can offer exceptional marketing material at highly cost effective rates as all our printing & mailing is handled by our Cape Town office in South Africa, which enables us to offer a first class service but at African rates. 

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