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Our Unique & Refreshingly Different Range of UK Property Marketing Services


We offer a unique range of 3 property marketing services which enables each property seller to select the level of service they believe is required to sell their property with fees directly linked to the extent of services selected.


Offered under our elite 'VIP' brand, these 3 refreshingly different range of property marketing services provide a fairer deal for property sellers.
Property sellers are able to choose from any one of our 3 marketing services.

This service ensures your property is professionally presented to some of the world’s most sophisticated property buyers, helping you sell to those elusive prime property buyers........and often at a premium price.
The VIP Property Marketing sales commission rate ranges from 1% - 1.5%
(we will offer a 1% sales commission rate IF your property is to be marketed at a fair price) 

This service allows prime property sellers a unique opportunity to have their property discreetly offered for sale to the ‘Right Kind’ of qualified property buying clients with a minimum of intrusion & market awareness.
The Discreet Property Marketing sales commission rate ranges from 1.5% - 2%
(Important note:  we provide the above two services in partnership with our prime property buyer advisory service meaning that if one of Sands retained fee-paying buyers decides to buy your property you would end up selling without incurring any agency fees!)

Our Virtual Agency service is a ‘Modern Estate Agency’ service which enables sellers of well priced property
to market their home for sale through us on the leading property portals at only 0.5% Agency Commission.
The Virtual Agency sales commissions rate is 0.5%
Download the VIP International Homes UK Brochure detailing our 3 Marketing Services (PDF file) 

All fees quoted are for sole mandates and are subject to VAT. Additional fees may be required for costs of EPC, floor plans, etc. 

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