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High Net Worth Clients


We can take the stress, intrusion and wasted time out of selling or acquiring a prime property.

VIP International Homes was created to exclusively serve the exacting needs of clients looking to buy, sell or rent the very finest Properties in London and The UK Country Houses & Estates market; Africa and the USA. 


Our High Net Worth Buying Clients are typically CEOs, Captains of Industry, Highly Successful Entrepreneurs, Celebs, Sports Personalities, Private Families and Heads of State/Dignitories from around the globe.


VIP International Homes only seek to act for motivated and Bona Fide High Net Worth buying clients i.e. those with the desire and financial means to purchase or acquire at the price levels prime property sellers are looking to realise.


This is very appealing to property sellers who wish to sell on a discreet and confidential basis whilst removing much of the emotional stress and security fears which often occurs when 'traditional' agents invariably bring unqualified buyers (who are often completely unchecked) to view sellers homes. VIP International Homes have a strict approach to formally qualifying buyers requiring verification that they are who they say they are and confirmattion that they have financial means and motivation to buy at the seller's price level.


Many of VIP International Homes properties are confidentially offered for sale which we are exclusively able to offer as a service due to having access to our extensive expertise and strict approach in qualifying High Net Worth client/property buyers - this is one of a number of our unique value added services which set us aside from the 'normal' agents.

If you are planning to sell a prime property, perhaps our Discreet Property Marketing service could be of interest to you?

If any of the following apply to then, then this service may well suit you:-

"Perhaps you are in no rush to sell, but would be open to it if the right offer came along?" 


"You may not want your property openly marketed for confidential reasons?" 



VIP International Homes can put your property in front of the right kind of committed buyers without compromising your privacy.

To find out more about our property marketing services please visit the International Marketing page

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