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Discreet Property Marketing


Our Discreet Property Selling service allows prime property sellers a unique opportunity to have their property discreetly offered for sale to the ‘Right Kind’ of qualified property buying clients with a minimum of intrusion and market awareness.
For property sellers the key benefits include:
- offering you the chance to sell if the right buyer comes along
- try an ambitious sales price or gauge the market’s appetite for your price without over-exposing your property
- strategically attract the ‘Right Kind’ of Buyers
- attract better offers.
Counter-intuitively, discreetly available prime properties are very attractive to buyers. Everyone wants something that others cannot access and this approach can stimulate interest in a property that a regular ad might not have attracted.

Key elements of the Discreet Property Marketing Service

1. Local Property Portal Advertising

2. International Prime Property Buyer Database

3. Pre-Qualification of Property Buyers

4. Controlled Procedures with NDAs

5. Sell To One of Our Retained Buyers at 0% commission

6. Comprehensive PDF Sales Brochure [optional]

7. Comprehensive Video Sales Brochure [optional]

8. Managed By An International Prime Property Expert

9. Pro-active Search For High Net Worth Buyers



Discreet Property Marketing sales commission rates from 3% - 5%
(we offer a 3% sales commission rate IF your property is to be discreetly marketed at a market-related price)

A range of Optional extras which include:-
        - Professional photography with aerial imagery; Floor plan; Site Plan
        - Comprehensive PDF Property Sales Brochure
        - Video Property Sales Brochure

Download the VIP International Homes Cape Town Brochure detailing our 3 Marketing Services (PDF file) 

- All fees quoted are for sole mandates and are subject to VAT.
- Additional fees may be required to cover the costs of VIP marketing options, photography, aerial imagery, floor plans, etc. 

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