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V Agency

Cost effective selling of your prime property via our local & international VIP property marketing platforms.

Our V agency service offers prime property owners a unique opportunity to partner with us in the marketing & selling of your prime property.Included within this service is our full range of VIP International & Local property marketing services with direct marketing to Ultra High Net Worth buyers.

This cost effective service also includes our VIP property buyers pre-qualification checks which will help to ensure that only bona fide buyers with the financial means to purchase at your asking price get to view your prime property.

The underlying principles of this service are that over 85% of property buyers find/buy well priced property through listings of those properties by Estate Agents on the leading property portals/websites.
Many property sellers appreciate this growing trend and also wish to be involved in showing prospective buyers around their house (they understandably believe they know their own houses best!) and therefore our Virtual Agency service was created to offer property sellers the choice of a much fairer deal.
With this service you can continue to accept buyers from any other agency but you will still be liable to pay the Virtual Agency sales commission (from 0.25% + VAT) however you sell your property during our agreement period.
The Virtual Agency service gives you the proverbial ‘Best of all worlds’ opportunity to sell your property!
If you are willing to show buyers around your own property, this may be the service for you.



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