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VIP Property Buyers Search Service - "Buyers Agent"


If you are looking to buy a prime property in Cape Town, South Africa our VIP Property Buyers Search Service will ensure you find the perfect property at the lowest possible price and the very best terms for you, the property buyer.

The service is usually best suited to property buyers who experence or relate to any or all of the following:-


- are based outside the area

- are time starved

- have been unable to find the property they are looking for (perhaps after searching for a very long time)

- would like a more proactive service which will also contact ALL property owners in their search area to see if they will sell
    (i.e. not just those property owners whose properties are already openly available for sale)

- would like access to Off-Market or Confidentially available properties

- would like a buyer’s agent on their side of the negotiating table and offering valuable ‘inside information’ such as:-
    > the seller’s pressure or motivation(s) to sell, etc
    > advice on what a property is really worth
         >> (supported by formal comparative market analysis reports; how long it has taken for comparative properties in the area to sell, etc)

Collectively our service assists the property buyer in securing their perfect property and at the lowest possible price/best terms for the buyer.


In a market where there may only ever be a FEW prime properties matching a property buyer's precise search requirements available for sale on the open market at any time soon, our VIP Property Buyers Search Service might be the only way to identify and secure the type of property you are searching for.


Our service will leave no stone unturned to find the perfect property you are wanting to buy and to make sure you acquire it at the very lowest price and on the best terms for you.


Costs / Fees for our VIP Property Buyers Search service

There are two aspects to our fees:-


1. Proactive Search Fee

You will appreciate we will be incurring costs to contact the ‘target’ prime property owners (i.e. phone calls, letters, research time and personal property visits to these ‘target’ properties by one of our Directors). Whilst these costs are significantly higher than this, we charge a non-refundable search fee of R7,500 + VAT which indicates a property buyers commitment to us and at least covers some of our basic administrative costs such as postage, phone calls and letterhead/envelopes. 


2. Success Fee

Our success fees are individually tailored to suit each property buying client.


Our VIP Property Buyers Search Service will give you the very greatest chance of finding the type prime property you are seeking. 


Please review our Corporate Video below.

You can also find our more about our VIP Property Buyers Search Service at


Tel: +44 (0)1425 462 549 (UK office)

Tel: +27 (0)21 300 8429 (Cape Town office)


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